Jiffo owns the internet

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who owns .jiffo? ICANN!

Sorry folks, I've been gettin busy with my paintyigs. That is why I dnot post for a bit.

SO I have applied for a job with ICAAN. They is like a bus for the internet. No, they are to internet what pigs are to curtain rails. Anyway, I said they could have .jiffo the new domaion if they give me the job.

Finally, here is a great painitng. I did it myself by using google image search. I just typed i 'worlds greates painint' and it came. This is the best type to do do paintings, so I recomend it.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Totally insane paintings

Have you ever seen paintings like these ? I hadn't, till I did. Now I see them all the time when I close my eyes.

The paintings are pretty amazing. More amazing is my comment, so scroll down for that one. You'll probably have to get someone to show you how to use the bits on the side of the screen to move it down. Or you can just hold the down arrow, but that takes ages. My cousin knows anothe rbutton that is the same but a faster one, like a ferrari version. But he won't tell me. We'll, actuually he will, but only if I.. well anyway, you know.

Did I say that I OWN TH EINTERNET! Well now you know. I know everyone loves me, so come back and say hi. LVEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS!